Ballad of Moving

- 156 Words

Note: This article was originally posted via Blogger on a domain name I no longer own. I am consolidating all of my ramblings and drabble here.

Down goes the developmental web server. Down goes the Internet connection. Items are sold to the highest bidder. The phone line gets disconnected next. At some point, electricity will be cut.

Sound like a sob story from here? Could be. But I was referring to my upcoming move. That’s right, 2 hours away from one godforsaken place in Wisconsin to some other godforsaken place in Wisconsin. At least it’s worth more money to me. But that’s small consolation, considering that I’m almost 2 hours away from Madison, which is the closest major city.

But at least now I will get more freedom. Since I’m moving up from “Network Technician” to “Network Administrator”, I should have a bit more say in what happens on the network. Of course, like any other position, I still have a boss to answer to.

The move happens in one week. Things in my life are changing even faster than that.