I Hate Moving

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Note: This article was originally posted via Blogger on a domain name I no longer own. I am consolidating all of my ramblings and drabble here.

I really hate moving. I can’t stand having to pack up all of my stuff and throw it into another place. It really sucks, especially considering I just finished rewiring my computer room the way I wanted it. Oh well, what do you do…?

I have accepted a Network Administrator position in Wausau working side by side with my good friend Ryan. The best thing about this arrangement is that Ryan has only been with the company for two or three months, and he’s there because I sent him a copy of the job posting. Damn glad I did, too, because a hefty raise for both of us is the down and dirty result.

So, job offer in hand, I head to my current supervisor with a leave note. Since I’m within days of getting hired on from my staffing company, I figured I would get some kind of counter-offer. Yeah, right. Instead, I basically get this response: “OK, when are you leaving?”

How would that make YOU feel?