This article was originally posted via Blogger on a domain name I no longer own. I am consolidating all of my ramblings and drabble here.

Submitted by Jeremy Surma

The best thing about doing a resume in HTML is the li element. I finally figured out what it means. But there is one question….. why don’t they just let you spell the word lie out all the way?

For Example:


<li>I can understand all that shit on the screen when an NT Server Blue Screens and can fix it so it never happens again.</li>

<li>I can make your network run perfectly… forever… in five minutes…. with my eyes closed….</li>

<li>I build IBM Mainframes by hand with just a soldering iron and a bunch of wire in my spare time.</li>

<li/>I have been running Cat5 & Fiber cables for 150 years, people just started listening to me yesterday. That’s why you’ve never heard of me.</li>

<li>I would prefer not to get paid.</li>

<li>I made the Internet.</li>

<li>I know how to write HTML code.</li>