Standard AT&T Wireless Bullshit

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Just what I thought. Leave it to AT&T Wireless to really figure out how to stick it to their exiting customers.

My wireless service contract concluded at the end of July. I decided to cancel my service on August 2nd, mainly since I really wasn’t using the phone. After I finished the call, I noticed that my cell phone was indeed cancelled, effective immediately. AT&T Wireless later processed the cancellation on August 4th, according to their own records.

On August 21st, AT&T billed me for another month of wireless service.

I noticed the charge today, and called their customer service line. After 30 minutes of waiting, I learn about their “end of billing cycle policy”.

That’s right folks! Cancel whenever you’d like; you still get the privledge of being charged until the end of the billing cycle.

So, after a year of service, they get that final shafting and stick me for about $18.00.

It’s not the money; it’s the principle of the thing.

Bullshit. Feel free to comment.