Robbed... again?

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You know it’s time to sell a branch when it keeps getting robbed… even when the customers can’t go inside!

A bank that has been robbed so many times it bans customers from coming inside was held up again anyway on Friday.

Anyone using the Bank of America branch on Silver Hill Rd. has been forced to go to the drive-up or the ATM for the last few months, after managers got fed up with the repeated heists. But when one of the tellers went out for a break, a robber saw a window of opportunity.

“There were two tellers inside of this bank. One of the tellers left to run over to the drug store and as she was walking back, a suspect wearing dark clothing produced a gun and forced her inside the bank,” Cpl. Diane Richardson of the Prince George’s County police. The suspect tried to lock both tellers in the vault, but could not.

From this article in the Kansas City Star.