There can be only one.

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So my kids came back to my house yesterday and informed me that they have two Dads.


I’ve earned the title of Dad. I’ve been there for both of those boys since birth. I’ve put everything forward in their best interest and I’ve been the one to take care of them.

I don’t care what anybody says. If two people have a child together and later go their own ways, there’s only one Mom and only one Dad. The only possible exception to that rule is if one or the other stops taking an active role in the kids’ lives… at which point it’s still a gamble if you want to do that.

When I begin dating again, my kids will not be informed that they have two Moms. Mom is Mom, and that’s the way it is. Nobody has the right to take that away from her, and nobody has the right to take it away from me. Especially when I’m as active in their lives as I am.