Not sure why or how, but today turned out to be a good day.  Spent some good quality time with the boys, and I know more than ever how much they love me.

Elisha Cuthbert is back on 24.  She's gotta be in my top 5 list of beautiful women.  Say what you will about her previous performances on 24, but the hell with it.  Funny, I'm strangely addicted to 24.  I've watched all of the seasons thusfar, and although my interest has waned a bit, I can't stop watching.

Not that I'd want to, now that Ms. Cuthbert has returned.  Hey you, snickering in the back - bag it!  I'm single and I can look at a pretty woman if I want. Grrr.

Found some more solutions providers for dbgHosting.  Should be ready to launch shortly... well, officially anyways.  I've already got a handful of clients who trust me.

Speaking of which, why aren't I hosting YOUR site?  :)