Foreign Objects

- 196 Words

This just happened a minute ago.  I decided to watch a movie, specifically Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels tonight once I had the boys down.

I set the disc in my recently purchased Samsung DVD player and close the drawer.  Then I ran to the fridge to get a drink.  When I returned, I saw the drawer was still open.

Curious.  So I pushed it closed again, and about 2 seconds later it opened up again.  No errors, no warnings, but there it was, sticking it’s mechanically operated tongue out at me.  Sonuva….

After a good thirty seconds of pondering, I remembered that I saw Toliver over by the player earlier this evening.  So I took the disc out, picked up the the player, and then rotated the player so that it was facing the floor.

I proceeded to shake the living crap out of it. Lo and behold, out pops a 128 mb CompactFlash card of which Toliver apparently decided that he needed to install into the DVD player slot.

I’m somewhat waiting for the MPAA to show up and start screaming that I was trying to dupe the disc onto the CompactFlash card…