Am I... Becoming Normal?

- 156 Words

It suddenly hit me over the weekend.  I think I’m on my way to becoming normal.  Which is odd, because, well, I never used to be normal.  I thought I was normal, but everybody thought different.  Here are a few examples:

  • I’m not working on my business as much as I used to (and not nearly as much as I should be, come to think of it).
  • I’m watching football.  I’m going to tailgate parties.
  • I mow my lawn on a regular basis.
  • I’ve just about stopped drinking caffeine.  (dammit, I was good for a week and then Fred guilted me into having some)
  • I’m playing pool a lot now  (granted: I have a table in my basement now)

Not that these are bad things; they aren’t.  But combined they make for a pretty scary realization…  I’m not the oddest one in the room anymore.  Probably not even close.

Damn.  At least I was unique before.