Philanthropy by Wristband

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Okay, seriously.  The wristband fad is over.

Firstly, I’m tired of trying to figure out what the different colors mean.  Secondly, yeah sure, it’s nice that you support a cause or a charity or something else that helps people out.  That makes you feel good.  It eases your conscience, makes you feel about yourself, and an angel may even get its wings.

But just because you’re wearing a wristband doesn’t mean I have to care.  Nor does it make you a better person for advertising your philanthropy.

The company I work for has chosen to support a particular charity.  As part of the incentive to raise money, a wristband was distributed.  To everybody.  In the corporate color.  With the corporate logo and whatnot on it.  Jesuchristo!  The pressure!  If I don’t donate, it’s entirely possible they’ll move me to the basement.  Without my stapler!!

What ever happened to just helping people out without looking for the angle?  I donated money last year, but you probably didn’t know that?  Why would you?  It’s something I chose to do, but I don’t need your confirmation that I’ve done a Good Thing (TM).  I do it because I felt it was the right thing to do and I wanted the chance to help somebody out.

Why is that so many people need some kind of validation before doing the right thing?