Woodgrain Just Sucks

- 148 Words

Am I the only one in the world who hates vehicles with woodgrain interiors??

I’ve been doing a bit of research on cars and I just can’t stand seeing that stupid woodgrain accent trim go around the cabin.  Or worse… some vehicles are put it on the steering wheels or gearshift!!

I just can’t see what the point is.  It’s supposed to add an air of luxury, but that’s just pompous posturing.  We all know it’s fake, so what’s the damn point?

And it’s not like I’m talking about older vehicles like a woodie, either.  Have a look at the brand new Ford Flex, it’s a prime example.  The base model (which isn’t that bad actually) doesn’t have the woodgrain option, but the next few models have it standard.  Stop, please!

Nothing is more distracting to me than getting in a vehicle and staring at fake tree crap.