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Around 3:30 this morning, Toliver woke up barking like a seal… the sure sign of croup.

Poor Toli has suffered from respiratory ailments since he was born, basically.  When he was little, he had two trips to the hospital for RSV, one only two months after he was born, and then again in August 2005.

Ever since then, he gets croup at least once or twice a year.  Usually it’s at night, which always makes for a fun evening.  Unfortunately, it also is “provoked or worsened by agitation or crying”, which pretty much describes a pissed off kid at 3 in the morning who can’t breathe.

Lucky for Toli, I’m a dad who comes prepared.  Due to the respiratory problems that both he and Carter have had, I own a personal nebulizer kit.  Unlucky for Toli, all I have is albuterol, which isn’t effective (epinephrine is probably the only thing that DOES work effectively, but has limited life.), so I used saline instead.  So, we spent quite a bit of time in the bathroom this morning attempting to get Toli’s breathing under control.

If he’s still having trouble in the morning, off to the doctor’s office we go…