Stupid Wasps

- 240 Words

So I brought the boys home this evening and noticed a dark spot on the mini-blinds.  A closer inspection revealed it was a wasp, although a fairly tranquil one.

I went to get a flyswatter to take care of the intruder, but when I returned, I saw two dark spots.  Bugger.  Before I could act, the second dark spot hid behind the blinds.

So I smacked the first one, and when he hit the floor, I saw another one buzzing around under the end table.  So I killed that one too, then finished off the first one I smacked.  Then I decided to go after the second one I saw on the mini-blinds.  I opened the blinds and smacked that one, which totaled three.

I saw another one crawling on the floor and killed it.  Four.

Then I saw two up on the window sill, each curled into a ball.  I knocked each of them down onto the floor and whacked them too.  Five.  Six.

Then I saw another one taking a nap on the telephone adapter in the corner.  Smack!  Seven.

I thought I was done, but saw one more going for a stroll on the window itself, so I killed that jackass too.  Eight.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?  What the hell were eight wasps doing in my house, and how in the hell did they get in?  I hate wasps, and I hate how stupid they get in October.