Control Z

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So, remember a few weeks ago when I posted that I was taking a new job? Oops.  Things didn’t work out. As of Friday, I’ve gone back to Associated Bank and have been able to resume my previous position with the Online Banking team, and I’m definitely looking forward to the challenges that 2009 will bring.   So, it feels like I did a Control+Z and did an Undo of most of December. I never had a problem with the work I did at Associated, and I’m very happy to return.  When I chose to leave, It felt like it was time for a new challenge.  Unfortunately, the new challenge came with a price - more driving than I was able to handle.  With over 800 miles in four days, I felt like I was farther away from the boys than ever. I definitely could handle the job, it wasn’t a problem of skill set or anything else.  When I was consulting with Integrated, I was generally limited to the Northeastern Wisconsin area.  When I joined with TCS, I found I was all over the state, even down in Illinois.  I’ll take responsibility for not understanding the requirements of the job, but as a single dad, it was too much to be that far away. So, when the opportunity to go back to Associated Bank presented itself, I decided to take it.  And it turns out, I’m happier for the experience and definitely appreciate my position with the bank that much more.