Persona Platform

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After a multi-year hiatus, I’ve decided it’s time to begin rebuilding my online persona again.

Site Capture from 2009 through 2012

I started posting content my first website in 1998. I’ve had a love-hate relationship with online publishing ever since. Some people do a great job of creating fresh content and posting new information on a regular basis. I, on the other hand, have been somewhat hit or miss.

I’ve worked with many of the popular content creation platforms. Blogger, Movable Type, Squarespace, DasBlog, Subtext, ExpressionEngine, TypePad, WordPress, BlogEngine.NET, etc. I was never quite happy with any of them, but that was mostly my problem, not a problem with the platform itself.

Being a developer, I decided to try my hand at building my own platform. I was sure I could do it better than anyone else. I picked up a few clients, and worked really hard on it. Unfortunately I never set a definitive road map for the product, so it floundered before I closed the business a little over three years ago.

This site will be less blog and more individual articles that I decide to publish. If it goes well, the content should range all over the place.