Unexpected Memories

- 210 Words

Everything in my mind appears to reminds me of something else as of late. Birthdays. Independance Day. Green Bay Restaurant Week. Nurses. Rock USA. Fireworks.

Being aware that there might be better things in the world than what I’ve experienced. Some of those things are BECAUSE of my past life. Others are IN SPITE of it. Unfortunately… I just can’t seem to shut these down. I try to, but it doesn’t always work. Some days are worse than others.

It truly is amazing to me how much I’ve ended up changing my life in the last 15 months. Some was expected, some was driven by hope, and some just happened however it did. I really don’t know what the next 15 months will bring, but I guess all I can do is put my faith in the choices that have been made.

I’ve never felt so alive, yet so completely alone and on my own. Some of the people I thought I would be in my life aren’t, while others I hadn’t planned on are. We have very little control over the day to day stuff. We have hope and dreams and expectations… but life does have a way of figuring things out regardless of what we hoped or planned.