Doubling Down

- 162 Words

Simply by adding an article now, I’ve created double of what I’ve posted to this site last year.

I’ve been writing so many papers for school that I sometimes find it difficult to sit down and construct posts for this site. I’ve been able to square that by considering that nobody really reads this drivel anyway.

Based on what I’m currently thinking, the next year might very well get interesting. I’ve gone back to my interests in cloud computing and other nerdy things, and I’m trying to push through to finish earning my bachelors degree 15+ years too late. What for? Is it simply to check something off of a list? Or am I trying to make a statement? I’m honestly unsure.

Anyway, Toliver is pushing me to write more here, and simply by including his name in this post I’ve fanned his potentially narcissistic flames.

I’ve got a place where I can post words, and it’s time I start using it.