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Image Credit: Aubrey Odom-Mabey / Unsplash

Every once in a while, I sit down to make updates to this site. But, before I can make much progress, I send myself down a rabbit hole. Instead of just punching out an article, I start thinking about making pretty big updates to the site.

I have two things in mind. One is to swap out the system under the hood that runs this site. I’ve been contemplating this for about a year now, although it became slightly less of a burning issue have I figured out how to run things in VS Code remote containers as captured in this post.

It’s possible I might try swapping over from Jekyll to Hugo. I’d really like to find a dotnetcore option, but I haven’t come across anything that seems to work well and have the widespread adoption that something like Hugo or Gatsby has.

The other thing I’m thinking about tackling is the look and feel of the site. It doesn’t need to be really fancy, but it does need to get updated. I want to make sure it stays fast, but maybe I should have some graphics or something.

Actually, I might have a third thing. I might look into publishing via Cloudflare or something too instead of Netlify. No particular reason as to why I want to make this change, so that seems less important.

Regardless, the trick is finding the time and the motivation to start taking these on. I have gotten a little better at capturing the steps of what I take so that I can publish articles here and there too. There’s always other things that can steal away my attention, so without specifically setting a goal to get some of this done, these things can languish. But, if I don’t set the goal, I’m not behind. That works, right?