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Disconcerting Laziness

Ashwaubenon schools are closed for spring break next week.  This means that Carter and Toliver are staying at their Mom's house at her request.

I haven't decided how I feel about this yet.  It's great that they can spend some good quality time with their mother, and I know that I can use the break, but it just seems weird when they're not here.  My place is obviously designed for a family, and it's disconcerting when the majority of the family isn't around.

The biggest problem I face when the boys aren't here is my own laziness.  When they're here, I make all kinds of plans of things I will do to occupy myself when they're gone.  But, once they've actually left, I find it very difficult to begin following through.

I'm pretty sure there's no way I'll make it nine days without seeing the boys.  It's hardly been 24 hours and I'm already having trouble with the fact that they're not around.  I've been productive for at least part of today, so that's good at least.  If I keep this up, perhaps I'll make it through the whole week.

Of course, that's when I remember that my ex wants to take the boys for the majority of the summer.  Now how am I supposed to handle that?

Broadband Sewer

Google has announced that they are offering free broadband service, called TiSP.  The delivery system is extremely forward thinking... forget electricity... instead, use the local sewer system.  Installation is accomplished via their GFlush system and fiber-optic cabling. The best part is in their FAQ:

Why is TiSP in beta?
When things go wrong with TiSP, they go very, very wrong. Let's leave it at that.

Daylight Savings Boomerang

So, since it's been a bit since I've put anything up here, I should point out that spring is on the way, even the though the last time I made a post it was still last year.  Stupid daylight savings time changes.

A lot of things have happened in the last few months, although nothing was really noteworthy.  I managed to break my garage door somehow, got a new PC, had my stupid Christmas tree boomerang back to me, gone out for drinks with friends and coworkers (too many times?), and otherwise have generally made a nuisance of myself.  I was really good at keeping up with the last one.

In other words, everything is on track as expected.  Not much else to say besides that right now.  I have the ideas for a few additional posts, but in the last 2 months or so I've really had a case of laziness.  Sucks.

Christmas Is Here

I’ve been accused recently of being a bit morose.  True enough, but things have been a bit… hectic, lately.

Bastards.  Leave me along, I know the last few posts were shitty.  Grr.

At least Christmas is here.  The boys are back, fresh from a four-day run at their mothers apartment.  They’re both excited for Santa to show up… took until almost 11pm to get them to sleep.

But now they’re snoring, so I did my fatherly duty and put all of the presents out for them to devour in the morning.  Stockings are stuffed, the tree is both trimmed and properly gifted, and all that remains is the boys waking up and tearing the wrapping paper from the presents.  Then the trek to my parents’ house for more gift opening and fun.

Merry Christmas!