Optical Zoom

The optical zoom on today's digital cameras is just friggin' phenomenal.

I purchased a Canon S2 IS over the weekend with a 1 GB memory card.  Of the many features it offers, one includes a 12x optical zoom lens.


The so-called "super-zoom" cameras are amazing.  From time to time they have a bit of trouble focusing at the outside range of the 12x zoom, but for the most part they seem to be just fine.

I went flying today with Howard and took a ton of pictures.  From an altitude of 4500 feet, I was able to zoom in on a red truck that was on the highway.  Although I can't seem to make out the manufacturer, you can definitely tell that it's a newer model.  And it's extended cab.  See for yourself.

Carter Madajczyk

This is an article about Carter.

The Perplexity of Being Single

So, here is the general cluster I am pondering right now.

First off, being single pretty much sucks.  On a daily basis most people run into a number of single, eligible members of the opposite sex.  That's great, but you never know what they're thinking.

For example, consider the young lady working at the counter of the hotel I'm staying at.  She's attractive and nice, and seemed friendly.  Could be single, could be attached.  Most likely just being nice because I'm a customer.  Should I check and see if she's interested or just leave well enough alone?  Being the shy bugger that I am, I choose to leave it alone  (not to mention that I live 4 hours away).

Did I just pass on true love and happily-ever-after?  Most likely not.  I sincerely doubt she was interested in me.  Hell, I'm not even interested in me, so why should she be?  In reality though, these kinds of situations seem to happen every day.  I suppose the trick is figuring out when there's interest and when there isn't.  I've never been good at that.

On another note, I had dinner at Davanni's tonight over in Eagan.  The best brownies around, and the pizza was pretty good too.  Although, maybe I was just hungry.  For that matter, I might as well mention Axel's River Grille, which is where I went last night.  I was there once before and had one of the best steaks ever.  I tried to reproduce it last night... it was good, but just wasn't the same.

What the hell is blue cheese anyway?

Winter Can End Now

Okay.  Enough is enough.  It's the middle of March.  Go away, winter!

I'm in Minneapolis right now for my day job, and it's snowing like hell outside.  I know that I should be used to it since I live in Green Bay, but I'm not.  The sad part is that the forecast for Green Bay doesn't have near the amount of predicted snowfall as Minneapolis.

Snow sucks.


Why Macs Suck

I remember seeing this video a few years ago somewhere, but I lost it or something.  Now, thanks to the power and awe of Google Video, I can see it again:

Why Macs Suck

You idiot! You own a Macintosh! The file is fucking gone!