Foreign Objects

This just happened a minute ago.  I decided to watch a movie, specifically Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels tonight once I had the boys down.

I set the disc in my recently purchased Samsung DVD player and close the drawer.  Then I ran to the fridge to get a drink.  When I returned, I saw the drawer was still open.

Curious.  So I pushed it closed again, and about 2 seconds later it opened up again.  No errors, no warnings, but there it was, sticking it's mechanically operated tongue out at me.  Sonuva....

After a good thirty seconds of pondering, I remembered that I saw Toliver over by the player earlier this evening.  So I took the disc out, picked up the the player, and then rotated the player so that it was facing the floor.

I proceeded to shake the living crap out of it. Lo and behold, out pops a 128 mb CompactFlash card of which Toliver apparently decided that he needed to install into the DVD player slot.

I'm somewhat waiting for the MPAA to show up and start screaming that I was trying to dupe the disc onto the CompactFlash card...


Made some design changes to the blog yesterday and today.  I'll probably make a few more changes, but since I'm not quite sure what look I'm going for yet, I don't know when I'll get it changed.

I had intended on doing a lot of work on the dbgDNS and dbgWHOIS sites this weekend, but just didn't seem to get to them. Perhaps I'll take some vacation time soon.

My search for new housing continues.  Granted, I've moved a lot over the past 10 years, but this time I actually have a good reason: I want to get Carter (and Toliver eventually) into a different school district, preferably one that his daycare will work with.  My lease isn't up until the end of August so I've got some time, but I'll probably be moving at the beginning of August to get everything situated.

Miss Hornypenny

Had an interesting telephone call this evening.  While speaking with a female friend of mine, she happened to mention that was horny.  Very horny.  Not necessarily with me in mind or anything, but just in general.

Dammit, I'm a single guy.  She's a single woman.  That particular comment is enough to ensure that sleep will come hard (okay, that was a singularly poor choice of words) for days.  You just can't do that kind of stuff to a single guy!

Okay, well, maybe she can, because it's not like I'm going anywhere after hearing that.  My attention is now solely and completely focused on the telephone and every word being spoken through it.  Let's be honest, it's probably one of the better offers I've received over the past year, and it was more of a general comment than anything else.

If you've ever watched Keen Eddie, you'll understand better if you think about the teasing and beautiful Miss Moneypenny.  If you haven't seen the show, go buy the DVD set.  Now.

It's okay, I'll wait.

Anyway, I doubt there's anything new information-wise in here to most women.  Most of you have figured out how easy it is to wrap a man around your finger, long-term or just for a few minutes.  In our defense, it's not that we're stupid; it's just really hard (ugh!) to think when you're being deprived of oxygen to the brain.

State-sponsored Pilgrimage

Every 8 years in Wisconsin, most adults make a pilgrimage.

Not to vote... the interval is different for that.  Some vote more than that, others vote less. 

Not to the bar.  I said every 8 years, not every night.

No, this is the pilgrimage to the Department of Motor Vehicles to renew the drivers license.  Granted, every driver in every state needs to go down there on a regular basis, but I live in Wisconsin (dammit).

So, I made the trip down this morning to get my drivers license renewed.  I knew it was going to be a blast, but I figured I'd be all right since I had already filled out the paperwork beforehand.  I decided to take Carter with me.  I had promised him most of the day out of daycare (unlike Toliver, who's too little to remember all those promises yet!).

We arrived just before 11 a.m. and I was given number A034.  They were serving A029 at the time, so I figured I was doing okay.  How long could it take to get to A034?

Just long enough to make a 5 year old antsy.

Twenty or so minutes later, just as the number clicked over to A033, Carter said that he needed to use the restroom.  I asked him to wait because we were almost done.  He then announced to the entire building that he had to go now, so I took him in there.

He managed to take just long enough for my number to be called.  Now, these DMV guys don't screw around.  They have a little tag board thing that has the current number on there, and it has a thing like a doorbell attached to it.  If you don't answer immediately, they ding the doorbell and give you a few nanoseconds before they move to the next number.  Sonuva...

So then we started over.  Got a new number, started waiting again.  Just before my number was called, he decided he had to go again.  In no uncertain terms I turned him down.  He was angry, mainly because he has no patience.

You know who else has no patience?  The clerks behind the counter.  For as much as they're making, and as many benefits as they get being state workers, you'd think they'd actually smile a bit.  I mean, I thought I was in the Post Office or something.

The rest of the story is a blur, mainly ticked off DMV workers who were angry that I chose their office to get my license renewed.  But, we ran the gauntlet and managed to survive the ordeal.

I have 8 years to get the hell out of this state.      

For The Record

I'm getting tired of having to put things back together in my life.

In the past year, much of my life has been uprooted, and I've been the one who has held it all together.  Don't get me wrong: I've had support from friends and family, and I'm very grateful for it, but the final determination of sink or swim would be on how well I managed to keep on with life.

For all practical purposes I'm a single Dad.  Granted, the boys' Mom is involved, but I still take the primary role without a shadow of a doubt.  This isn't a problem for me in the normal sense; I absolutely love the time I get to spend with my boys and I crave it when they're not with me.

However, I tend to put myself on the back burner a bit when it comes to other things.  My boys come first, which isn't a problem.  But...  I haven't had a relationship since she left me for her new boyfriend last year.  I guess I've had the odd date or two but nothing substantial in the least.  No worries for her; she had a new boyfriend lined up a week before she moved out.

Each and every time my kids mention their mother, it manages to bring back a little of the pain.  I've learned that it's hard to trust anyone once you've been cheated on (and apparently I'm a multiple qualifier for that distinction)... maybe that's a little bit of why I haven't brought anybody into my life.  Not to mention that the (very) few attempts I've made resulted in failure.  Dammit.

In all reality, I've made a lot of progress towards getting on with life, but sometimes I wonder how much I have left to go and when it will end.  Let me tell you, I'm ready to put this part of my life into the past.

Damn, it's almost been a year already.  Stupid calendar.