A Film by Carter Madajczyk

- 192 Words

At my fiancée’s request, I yanked all of the pictures from my digital camera off because the CF card was full. I wasn’t really sure why, but I’m not one to argue (too much).

While I was transferring the pics, I noticed that there seemed to be a few movies on there. No, not live shots of Paris Hilton… but it wasn’t anything I had taken either.

Closer inspection found that on Sunday, Carter had stolen the camera while I was sleeping, taken about 10 pictures, and replaced it. On Monday, just after I got home, he was playing with the camera again. Little did I know, he had it set to capture movies.

Out of the six or seven mini movies he recorded, two were so good I thought that I would share them. In the first one, he seems to spend his time getting used to the camera. By the second, he’s already moved into the director’s seat, and he’s barking orders left and right.

Carter’s First Entry: Still Photos

Carter the Cameraman - [AVI, 6.05mb]

Carter the Director- [AVI, 3.62mb]

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