Endings and Beginnings

- 208 Words

So I’m still somewhat dealing with the fact that my last relationship is over. I really wish for the kid’s sake that it wasn’t, but she decided by her actions and words that we’re far in past.

I was in court on Thursday to answer to the child support question, and for once, the system worked as it should. I’ve had the kids upwards of 75% of the time, but I was still being asked to make a payment as if I wasn’t in their life at all. We mutally decided that we could take care of things outside of the court and would only involve them if required.

I was speaking a good friend today and she said that her ex told her that the reason he wasn’t spending much time with his kids was because he was paying so much support. That’s not cool… child support doesn’t replace the relationship you should have with your kids. I know that I’m more than a paycheck, and my kids know that I’m the best father I can possibly be to them.

My friend Howard asked me on Friday how the “first day of the rest of my life” was going… he hit the nail on the head there.