Christmas Is Here

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I’ve been accused recently of being a bit morose.  True enough, but things have been a bit… hectic, lately.

Bastards.  Leave me along, I know the last few posts were shitty.  Grr.

At least Christmas is here.  The boys are back, fresh from a four-day run at their mothers apartment.  They’re both excited for Santa to show up… took until almost 11pm to get them to sleep.

But now they’re snoring, so I did my fatherly duty and put all of the presents out for them to devour in the morning.  Stockings are stuffed, the tree is both trimmed and properly gifted, and all that remains is the boys waking up and tearing the wrapping paper from the presents.  Then the trek to my parents’ house for more gift opening and fun.

Merry Christmas!