Green Screen My Ass

- 133 Words

Why is it that I can always pick up when things are superimposed? For example, see this snapshot from’s Alpha House:

WTF? Green Screen at its worst.

Adam Sandler’s The Goat said it best: “They fucking superimposed me!!” Seriously. I like this show, and I know that Netflix doesn’t have the powers that other studios have.

The fact that the bookworm girl in the front looks like she has been Photoshopped into the frame isn’t good. Is it really that hard to film this scene in an actual office? Stop cutting corners. I pay $79 per year for this shit AND FREE SHIPPING, and I don’t like it when you try to screw me over. That’s right, Jeff Bezos. I’m watching you.

… yeah, I actually don’t care that much at all.